bad faith insurance attorney

Bad Faith Insurance Attorney of Beaumont

When you obtain insurance, you enter into a contractual relationship with the insurance company that is governed by the insurance policy and Texas insurance law. You owe certain duties to your insurance company, such as the timely payment of insurance premiums, and the insurance company owes certain duties to you, such as the timely payment of claims.

One overarching duty an insurance company owes to its policy holders is to act in good faith and fair dealing. The failure to do so constitutes bad faith insurance practices. Examples include misrepresentation, failure to investigate a claim, wrongful denial of benefits, and unreasonable payment delay. Many times these actions are used to frustrate policy holders into either giving up or under-settling their claim.

If you feel that your insurance company has wrongfully denied you benefits under your policy or engaged in other bad faith insurance practices, contact The Daws Law Firm to see whether your insurance company has breached its duty of good faith and fair dealing to you.

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